Gainax on DVDs, the industry and fansubs

Yamaga said he really can’t blame fansubbing or the internet, because japanese animation wouldn’t be as successfull as it is now without those. Additionally he compared fansubs to watching the stuff for free on TV. However he said that most people who like the series will buy the DVDs. We’ll produce works worth buying so we’re not worrying about running out of business because of pirates. Only those insecure about their own worth or with mediocre shows should be complaining about it.

5 Gedanken zu „Gainax on DVDs, the industry and fansubs

  1. Bartebee

    Ich schliesse mich, der Meinung von Yamaga an.

    Ferner noch: wenn man wirklich von seiner Serie überzeugt ist, sollte man die Fansubs entweder voll tolerieren, oder sogar unterstützen, sprich die Folgen den Subbern kostenfrei direkt zur Verfügung stellen(Letzteres wird aber wohl nie passieren).


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