11 Gedanken zu „Connect (from ClariS) by Waifus feat. noushi Knabenchor #Sing_For_Japan

  1. seyu

    In particular.. not really much. It´s not compareable, like sending a bunch of dollars, but i think if projects like this reach the ppl outta there, it could give them some strengh just because they get to know, that many people all over the world care about what they just have to face now.

    And you know,… much people just aren´t in a position to “help” japan. Sorry but i´m not able to buy a flight ticket to japan to move some rocks or build up new houses. I already spended a little amount of money to assist Japan. But what do you expect us to do ?

    So even if some guys like you think, “how will this help japan”… It´s a project for ppl who just arent in the position to encourage them in any other way. And i still belive that even little things like singing for them can reach the suffering people there to give them some faith.


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